Dane Patao Jr.

Mon – Fri | 3p-7p

Known as “Mr. Over-Achiever” amongst his peers, Dane Patao Jr. has total productivity on the mind. A well-versed musician who gets the call to back up almost every Maui band, Dane has an embedded knowledge for the art with a B.A. degree in Music. As a young child, Dane was a national champion dirt biker racer. He then started his music career as a teenager with the group Waena Boys, opening up for Steel Pulse, Marty Dread, and more. He is a job site foreman by day, DJ by afternoon, musician by night, tow truck driver 24/7, and an avid power-lifter in between. Oh…. he’s also a father of 6 children! With all that said, if anyone can motivate you to the finish of your work day, it’s Dane.


Favorite Food- Sinigang (Filipino Tamarin Soup)

First Concert- 1999 when our band, Waena Boys, opened for Steel Pulse.

Favorite Travel Destination- Los Angeles

Karaoke Song of Choice- Believe it or not, I never sang karaoke before.

Favorite Movie- The Hangover

Interesting Fact About You- I love to watch cheesy Lifetime movies.

Quote You Live By- “Work hard because there’s always someone working harder than you.”